Trash! – True Lies

Trash! – True Lies


“Trash! – True Lies”

Streaming moving picture created in Flash by media artist Agricola de Cologne.

Trash !! – true lies is a moving picture created in Flash, edited,
directed and produced, sound, music and voice by Agricola de Cologne.
copyright © 2002/2003. All rights reserved.

Truth is trash. Truth is nothing objective, it is ambiguous, it is dependant on one’s
position and view on it, on how it is interpreted.
In this way, even the most horrible lies may have some spark of truth.
The most likely is mostly accepted as truth, even if the most likely is not
always the most possible, may be even far from any truth.
Different media, different environments have different kinds of truth.
The written word transmits truth in a different way than a spoken word or an
The combination of different media, spoken or written word and image offers
a wide range of possibilities to manipulate and falsify.
Including the True Lies:
‘My mother is a Philippine transvestite., The forests are overgrowing the cities.
The abundance of water produces increasingly problems.
Without war- no peace., Since years the world population is continuously decreasing.
From now on, champagne will be free for everyone., The Pope will convert next year to Buddhism. The paradise’ on earth.”
In this way, truth in its ambiguousness has often enough a strong cynical component.

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.

Technical details

Year of production: 2003
Duration: 4:40
Format : HTML, Flash
Aspect ratio: 1000×700 pix
Programmed: HTML, Flash
Exhibition format: Internet, DVD, CD-Rom
Sound: yes
Colour: yes
Sound/music: Agricola de Cologne

Director, producer, editor, script/concept, cinematography, programming: Agricola de Cologne

Copyright © 2003 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

*RecyclingArt Festival – 3. Internationales RCA Festival in Berlin 2003