Agricola de Cologne

Solo shows (1983-1993)

Simultan Halle Cologne 1987

Simultan Halle Cologne 1987 – exhibition – 1987/88 Aufbruch und Befreiung (Percée et Libération)
After the artist had established himself as W.O.F.Agricola in 1980, he realized
between 1981-1989, besides a wide range of individual art works in media like painting, photography or mixed media, 3 major projects, each one dedicated to another artistic medium, to be exhibited in solo shows between 1983 and 1993.

The artist found his very own pictorial language, colour, forms & shapes got a metaphorical meaning, the result was the “allegory” in a contemporary mode, sometimes very tricky to decode, partially using even citations from Symbolism, Surrealism and Expressionism in order to confuse the viewer. Differently than the Surrealist artists, Agricola’s symbols and metaphors are valid only for an individual image, in so far the viewer has to decypher each image individually.

The artist is using the three artistic media – watercolour, pastel and conté drawing as individual artistic techniques, and as such in a very new way. Agricola uses each technique as if it would be a painting, however not huge, but quite small in its dimension. A special protecting glass based framing is giving even the impression as if the completed (framed) work would be a three dimensional object. So the individual art work is forming an hybrid construction which goes far beyond the usual idea of a two dimensional artwork using one of these applied techniques.

All three following projects, dedicated each one to another medium, have also in common, that Agricola was using these techniques neither before, nor after the working on these projects. The projects show the artist development starting from the first work as the first use of the technique. The last works is always representing also the final state of the artistic development.

These analogue art projects demonstrate this way the particular characteristics of working in phases, when a certain artistic phase is over, the artist changes the medium and the ways of representation. Any phase always gets an experimental character.

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Breakthrough & Liberation
Percée et Libération / Aufbruch und Befreiung
44 watercolours (1981-1984)

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Le point de vue imaginaire
50 pastels (1983-1985)

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Plenty of Truth
50 Pastel Conté (1985-1987)

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The exhibitions 1983-1993 were showing primarily either the projects individually or in combination with each other.

Selection years 1983-1993

Königsberg – Museum of History and Art (Russia)

1992/93 Plenty of Truth IV (Russia/Lithuania)

Königsberg (Russia) Museum of History and Art
Sovetsk (Russia) Museum of History and Art
Kunsthalle Klaipeda (Lithuania)
M.K. Ciurlionis Art Museum Kaunas (Lithuania)
Kedainiai City Art Gallery (Lithuania)
Siauliai City Art Gallery (Lithuania)

1994 Divisionistic Allusions (Poland)

Katowice Art Center
Kunstverein Lublin
Museum Okregowe Zamosc
Museum Okregowe Chelm

1992/93 Plenty of Truth III (Germany/Poland)

Zwickau City Art Gallery
City Museum Zittau
Muzeum Okregowe Walbrzych
State Art Gallery Jelenia Gora
Boleslawiec City Art Gallery
City Museum Bautzen
Zgorzelec City Art Gallery

1991 La lueur du temps II (Germany, Poland)

City Museum Halberstadt
Kunsthalle Bad Kösen
Art Museum Görlitz
Zgorzelec City Art Gallery (Poland)
Boleslawiec City Art Gallery (Poland)

1990/91 Plenty of Truth (Great Britain)

Museum & Art Gallery Tunbridge Wells
Museum &Art Gallery Great Yarmouth
Aberdeen Arts Centre
MacRoberts Art Centre Stirling
Museum & Art Gallery Buxton

1990 La Lueur du temps (Germany/France)

Hans Thoma Museum Bernau
Schloßpark Museum Bad Kreuznach
Musée du Pays de Sarrebourg

1990/91 Portrait of the artist (Germany)

Holbein House Augsburg
Prinzesshof Museum Itzehoe
Kunstverein Ahrendsburg
District Museum Syke
District Museum Tecklenburg

1989/90 Le point de vue imaginaire – the allegoric principle
Germany, Belgium, Great Britain

Soest City Art Gallery
Kunstverein Erlangen
Kunstverein Geislingen
Kunstverein Bretten
Maclaurin Art Gallery Ayr
Provinciaal Museum Leuven
Museum & Art Gallery Inverness
Museum & Art Gallery Beverly
University Art Gallery Nottingham
Museum & Art Gallery Buxton
Gray Museum & Art Gallery Hartlepool

1988/98 Dans la lumière de l’imaginaire (Germany/France)

Galerie Arthaud Grenoble
Albi City Art Gallery
Wetzlar City Art Gallery
Altena City Art Gallery

1987/88 Aufbruch und Befreiung (Percée et Libération)
Germany /France

Wesseling City Art Gallery
Kunstverein Nordeham
Kunstverein Hofgeismar
Maternushaus Cologne
Simultanhalle Cologne
Kronach City Art Gallery
Musée du Périgord Périgueux
Centre d’Art Contemporain Agen

Interart Galerie Reich, Köln
Galerie Zuta, Wiesbaden

Galerie Leopold, Hamburg