The video is a metaphoric view on the predator in each of us
telling the everyday life story when youth gangs are attacking other people at lonesome locations without any witnesses. The predator as the victim of the circumstances. While acting as a social being, each of us uses its potential of aggression in order to impose one’s will, and mostly by doing anything to achieve one’s end, no matter how the consequences may look like.

The video is based on three individual video sequences recorded from acting experiences with the performance artists group “The Acting and Noise Company”.

Technical notes :

Year of production: 2004/2010
Format : Video
Video format : PAL 16:9
Shooting format : miniDV
Exhibition format: DVD, miniDV, Quicktime
Duration: 2:40
Sound: yes
Colour: yes

Language: no dialogue
Dialogue list: no


Director: Agricola de Cologne
Producer: Agricola de Cologne
Editor: Agricola de Cologne
Script/concept: Agricola de Cologne
Sound: Agricola de Cologne
Cinematography: Agricola de Cologne
Programming: Agricola de Cologne


  • International Film Festival in Walthamstow (London/UK) – 3-12 September 2010 –
  • Image Contre Nature Film Festival Marseille/F – 14-16 July 2011
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    Copyright © 2010 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.