Orfeo Negro

Orfeo Negro


Orfeo Negro, 2006, 4:20
Filmed on the performance festival Interferencias in Junin-Buenos Aires/Argentina and Retiro railway station Buenos Aires in 2005, the video takes a performance by the Argentine artist Vera Baxter as the basis for a contemporary interpretation of the “classical” ORFEO NEGRO”, which is converting the film document not only to a metaphor for the artistic process of an action, but also to a new artwork.

Technical notes :

Year of production: January 2006

Format : Video
Video format : PAL 4:3
Shooting format : miniDV
Exhibition format: DVD , miniDV
Duration: 4:20
Sound: yes
Colour: yes

Language: Spanish
Dialogue list: no
Subtitles: English


Director: Agricola de Cologne
Producer: Agricola de Cologne
Editor: Agricola de Cologne
Script/concept: Agricola de Cologne
Sound: Agricola de Cologne
Cinematography: Agricola de Cologne
Programming: Agricola de Cologne
Music : Daniel Verdisle, using motives from Manha de Carnaval by Luis Bonfá
Filmed on location in Junin-Buenos Aires/Argentina 2005


  • Optica Video Festival Gijon/Spain -16-18 November 2007
  • Zemos’98 – Videofestival Sevilla – 9 Edition 2007
  • Outvideo Festival – Ekaterinburg/Russia 2006
  • PLAY IV Video Art Festival Buenos Aires 2006
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