Agricola de Cologne

Network (s) 2000-2020

The New Museum of Networked Art

All project platforms realised since 2000 have to be considered as netart (Internet based art) which have their roots exclusively on the net, they are non-linear, as well as linear.
All platforms represent each one individually media art by simulating of institutional contexts. Each plaform represents a network for itself, but its real meaning it gets in the conte4xt of the entire project network combined withe the complementary networks of artists, curators und cultural and institutional instance worldwide as networking partners.

All platforms, as well as al incorporated projects and sub-projects are meant to realized in an exchange between virtual und physical space, optionally they can be installed as an exhibition according to individual concepts.

By realising these works, Agricola de Cologne combines all thinkable functions, like a programmer, multi-media developer, curator, director, etc in one single person, so as The Network himself he is the best representative of the networking idea.

All project platforms, containing a variety of subordinatedprojects and their networked activities – operated by artvideoKOELN – form

The New Museum of Networked Art

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  • Central News Platform
    The Blog @ The New Museum of Networked Art
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  • Agricola de Cologne
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  • artvideoKOELN
    artvideoKOELN – audiovisual experiences
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  • A Virtual Memorial Foundation
    A Living Memorial 1995-1998
    11 September Terror Memorial
    AIDS Memorial
    Tsunami 2004 Memorial
    Rainforest Memorial
    AVMCI _ A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions
    A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012
    A Virtual Memorial Phnom Penh 2012
    A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012 & 2013
    A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014
    A Virtual Memorial Timisoara 2014
    A Virtual Memorial Jaffa 2014
    The d/i/light Memorial
    iTERROR Memorial
    The Sonic Memorial
    The 7 Memorials for Humanity

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  • ENGAD – Engaged Art Directory
    Argentina Memorial 2005
    Women: Memory of Repression Argentina
    Family Portrait
    Selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem-a show for Peace
    Draft Title: Shoah/Arbeitstitel: Shoah
    Draft Title: Shoah: Blog
    SFC – Shoah Film Collection
    SFCIP – Shoah Film Collection Interview Project
    CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections
    The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial
    The Hiroshima-Fukushima Memorial
    The Refugee! Memorial
    The WAKE Up! Memorial
    ://self~imaging – artists show face against Populism, Intolerance & Racism
    The W:OW Project – We Are One World
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  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
    JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project
    JavaMuseum 2007
    JavaMuseum 2010 – Celebrate!
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  • NewMediaFest
    NewMediaFest 2007
    NewMediaFest 2010
    CologneOFF – Cologne International Festival Network
    CologneOFF I
    CologneOFF II
    CologneOFF III
    CologneOFF IV
    CologneOFF V
    CologneOFF VI
    CologneOFF VII
    CologneOFF VIII
    CologneOFF IX
    CologneOFF X
    animateCOLOGNE 02
    animateCOLOGNE 03
    animateCOLOGNE 04
    VideoChannel – international curatorial platform
    VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
    SoundLAB – sonic art projects
    SoundLAB Interview Project
    soundOBJECTS 2008
    The Sonic Memorial soundCOLLECTIVE 2015
    Interview Collections
    RRF200X – Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting
    Violence Online Festival
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  • The New Museum of Networked Art
    Blog @ The New Museum of Networked Art
    AND – Artists Network Database
    Open Archives @ The New Museum of Networked Art
    netEX – calls & deadlines
    netMAXX – networked magazine
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