Message from Behind a Wall

Message from Behind a Wall


Message from Behind a Wall, 2005, 10:00

The segregation wall in Palestine is a fact. In November 2004, an artistic action against the wall ended, taking place at six different places in Palestine where walls were under construction, initiated by Palestine artists by inviting artists from different countries to paint an artistic message on the concrete.
When Agricola de Cologne was in Bethlehem in February 2005, he visited several places where the Israeli were erecting the wall. The part of the wall he was filming, is situated in opposite of the AIDA refugee camp (UN), and was at that time a temporary playground for children. And these children made their own contribution to the huge wall paintings.
“Message from behind a Wall”is transporting different messages, but the main message represents the action of children’s innocence.
The moving picture is a unique document of the day of 17 February 2005. Meanwhile, the construction of the wall in Bethlehem is since long time completed, and the area around the wall does not motivate children to use it further as a playground.


Year of production: 2005
Production country: Germany/Palestine
Format : digital video
Video format : PAL 4:3
Shooting format : miniDV
Exhibition format: DVD , miniDV, Betacam SP (PAL)
Duration: 10:00
Sound: yes
Colour: yes

Language: English
Dialogue list: available
Subtitles: English

Director: Agricola de Cologne
Producer: Agricola de Cologne
Editor: Agricola de Cologne
Script/concept: Agricola de Cologne
Sound: Agricola de Cologne
Cinematography: Agricola de Cologne

Israeli Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel April 2005


  • MidEast Film Festival for alternative shorts Copenhagen/Roskilde (DK)
    29 January – 1 February 2009
  • FocFest 2008 – Fábrica do Braço de Prata Lisbon (Portugal) – 4-6 Dec 2008
  • FocFest 2008 – ACCEA – Armenian Center of Contemporary Art Yerwan (Armenia)- 4-6 Dec 2008
  • FocFest 2008 – Ciplak Ayaklar Studio Istanbul/Turkey – 6-7 Dec 2008
  • Kinolechyk Video Festival Lviv/Ukraine 2008
  • *Srebrenica International Documentary Film Festival 2007
  • *Vidfest07 – Museum of New Art Detroit/USA 2007
  • *Artneuland – Videoneuland Berlin 2006/2007
  • *The Art Gallery of Knoxville/USA 2006
  • *The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Ithaca University/USA 2006
  • *Videoformes Clermont-Ferrand (France) 2006
  • *Streaming Festival The Hague (Netherlands) 2006
  • *Intro-Out Video Festival Thessaloniki/Greece 2006
  • *Digital Art Festival Havanna/Cuba 2006
  • *FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazila 2006
  • *Carbunari 2006 – experimental filmfestival Baia Mare/Romania 2006
  • *Luksuz Film Festival Lubljana/Slovenia 2005
  • *Biennale of Video & New Media Santiago/Chile 2005
  • *AVANCA 2005 – Festival of Video & Multimedia Avanca/Portugal 2005
  • *2nd Media Art Festival Yerewan/Armenia 2005
  • *Synch Festival Athens/Greece 2005
  • *Asolo Art Film Festival Asolo/Italy – 2005
  • *Obsession”- International Audio-Video Festival Istanbul/Turkey 2005
  • *Israeli Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel April 2005
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