Agricola de Cologne


La Biennale de Montreal 2004


Biennales (participating)

49th Venice Biennale 2001 – Azione Parallela Bunker by Caterina Davinio
50th Venice Biennale 2003 – Wandering Library Project curated by Doron Polak
51st Venice Biennale 2005 – Isola della Poesia – curated by Achile Bonito Oliva – June – Nov
52nd Venice Biennale 2007 – Divine_in.tent – curated by Doron Polak & Amir Cohen – 7-30 June 2007
53rd Venice Biennale 2009 – Scalamata Gallery -“Souvenir Art” – International Artists Museum – 6-26 June 2009

*2001 - 49th Venice Biennale 2001

49th Venice Biennale 2001
Azione Parallela Bunker by Caterina Davinio

49th Venice Biennale 2001 – – Azione Parallela Bunker by Caterina Davinio 7 June 2001
PARALLEL ACTION – BUNKER (49th Venice Biennial, general director Harald Szeemann, virtual happening for the Bunker Poetico) technology: e-mailed poems and visual poetry, web site, html, gif, jpg, e-mail and web communication. In the contest of the Poetry Bunker. 60 poets and artists connected with Redaction, sent their contribution by e-mail, which were published in real time during a real happening at the Orsogrill delle Artiglierie (A Net of Voices). Presented in numerous international sites, in the essay Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities, Mantova 2002).

POETRY BUNKER(Marco Nereo Rotelli Curator) in the 49th Venice Biennial (General Curator: Harald Szeemann)
A net-poetry event (the online happening “Parallel-Action-Bunker”) was featured in the Biennale di Venezia in 2001. It was produced and curated by the digital artist and poet Caterina Davinio in the context of Bunker Poetico, a collaborative installation by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli which involved 1,000 international poets.[5] The virtual happening “Azione-Parellala-Bunker” (Parallel Action-Bunker) was held online contemporaneously with real performances at Orsogrill delle Artiglierie, a real space of the Venice Biennale.[6] With this event, a relationship was created between real and virtual poetry events – a new connective and collective network of poetry, based on communication, and similar to some events and happenings organized by Fluxus, e-mail art and relational art, and including Wilfried.

2001 - Biennale de Cerveira
Biennale de Cerveira – R2001 (Portugal)

Biennale de Cerveira


Agricola’s Light Home – Identity of Colour”


“Identity of Colour”, 07:07:07, 2016

Film created by media artist Agricola de Cologne, based on the artist’s poem and voice performance of the same name created and executed in 2001.
The work combines DaDa like poetic texts, vector grafics and musical components created by the artist himself.

There are two work versions:

1. The netart piece, 2001, looping
developed according the principle of SAMAC
(Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola’s individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously –depending on each other – in one long single process.

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.

2. the video, 2016, 07.07.07
voice and sound performance by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
The video is representing a reconstruction of the piece originally programmed in Flash (Macromedia) as netart which ist still existing as a completed netart work, however due to a specific, non-linear programming which could not be transferred to the linear structure of the video a complete reconstruction was necessary. Therefore the video is standing as an art work individually for itself.

Agricola’s Light Home – Watch: Seconds Forever

Watch – Seconds Forever, 2001, 3:20

Surveillance can become an obsession for those who observe and those who are observed. For the victim captured and tortured, seconds are never ending.

Agricola’s Light Home – Transience – an atonal composition, 2001, interactive

an atonal composition, 2001, interactive

View the work

Transience is an interactive, experimental Flash composition based on different text, sound and music components created by Agricola de Cologne.

Both the creator and user are or become composers of sensual perceptions on different levels. Confronted with essential questions of human destination and while acting through the artistic environment the user starts creating a virtual sculpture consisting of images, associations and processes on different levels.

The work is developed according the principle of SAMAC
(Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola’s individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously –depending on each other – in one long single process.

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne. The movie is developed in Flash, directed and produced by Agricola de Cologne.
Credits: Director, producer, editor, script/concept, cinematography, programming: Agricola de Cologne


2002 - 2nd International Media Art Biennial Seoul

2002 – 2nd International Media Art Biennial 2002 – MediaHexa Seoul/South Korea

media art festival : HEXA

mediahexa lounched 2nd shape, hexa_phase 07 at Nov. 3th.

Hexa Project is a media art festival that is to be launched as a part of the ‘cyber mind project’ of “media_city seoul 2002” (The 2nd International Media Art Biennal)
Hexa is an endlessly evolving project which is regulary updated by media artist’s participation. It is an unfinished ongoing task.
The evolution of Hexa will be activated simultaneously with media artist’s participation. Hexa absorbs various genres such as web art, video art, sound art, digital photo and any other type of hybrid arts.
Hexa welcome works of media arts whether they are new projects or old ones.
The ideal goal of Hexa is to attract various artists from diverse areas. In this two-way communication era, Hexa provides an idea space to freely exchange media artist’s novel ideas with other participants. Participation of media artists will help the project to move forward to the new media arts of the next generations.

( /

2002 - Liverpool Biennial

2002 – Liverpool Biennale (UK) – Liberarti Art Festival

liberarti lounge.01
The first thing to say is a big thanks to all those who took part in the last liberarti lounge. The lounge was spread over two hotel rooms in the Adelphi Hotel and was viewable all weekend. We had a wide range of artists come in at a wide range of hours, some to look at some of the art and others to come and sit with others.
On show were a number of xeroxed images either from the website or posted to us, these were stuck around the walls and handed out along with the art
objects also posted in. There were performances from robots and humans, artists and poets all keen to share their art with anyone who was there.
Continuing each night until late, when the hotel staff would shut us down the lounge would shed its shell and meander through the corridors to another artists room for the process to start again.
Such was the impression (as part of the aconvention) left with its public the broadsheets got involved and was mentioned in October 31st edition of The Guardian.

liberarti lounge.02
The latest manifestation of liberarti lounge will be in Plymouth, UK on the night of December 16th at the Barbican Theatre’s BBar. It is set to be a popular event with plenty of interest from local artists who have been called through the local newspaper and poster campaigns. In addition to this there are artists submitting work through to be disseminated at the event. The rule of non-curation that frames means local artists can exhibit next to internationally renowned artists on a level footing. Being a gift economy the liberarti lounge ensures no piece is given any monetary value so it may be handed out free.
There will of course be some performances (two have already been submitted), short films, net art, xeroxed art and poetry. All are invited to attend and all are invited to participate so if you have any art you want to show /swap/ give away, whatever the medium, whatever the message, see if you can swapyou art for someone else’s, or just give it away.

This is therefore an official invite to either submit work online, by post.
Karen Eliot, PO Box 85, Liskeard, mPL14 3ZN.

2002 Manifesta 4 - Frankfurt/Main

2002 – Manifesta 4 – Free Manifesta Sal Randolph ä Kunstverein Frankfurt/Main

2003 - 50th Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale 2003 – Blogwork
Violence Online Festival

Wandering Library Project curated by Doron Polak

2003 – 50th Venice Biennale 2003 – Wandering Library Project curated by Doron Polak – “Banners III”, Projectives-Artists Museum, Lubbock, TX
“Wandering Library”, Project of the International Artists’ Museum in 50th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
“Wandering Library”, Project travels to: City of Meinz, Germany, Umbria, Italy, United Nations Center, New York, Alexandria, Egypt, Jerusalem, Israel

Book of Violence – art object by Agricola de Cologne

A short notice

Already the title indicates, the book is about violence.
But where is the book?
Has it to be protected from physical violence?

It is indeed this way, that “Book of Violence” does not represent a book in a conventional sense. The small art object reflects the relevance and meaning the printed book has or has not in the contemporary media society.
The book as the art object is a closed CD case (which can be opened, of course), containing the relicts of a partially destructed book (which can be read, of course), a manifestation of physical violence against the book, against freedom of the written, printed and spoken word, which is always in danger in times of repression (totalitarian systems or nowadays the global conflicts). Book burning, censorship and manipulation are only a few tools to use violence on the “word” and their authors, thus the art object represents simultaneously a Memorial for the victims of that kind of violence.
The destructed book inside which finds protection through the CD case represents a symbol of the position the printed word has (at least in this context), reduced to the dimensions of a CD-Rom. The protection, however is not safe at all, the printed book within the media (seems to be nearly “old fashioned” and not able to save its content), the book relict in the given case is in addition the result of an home computer inkjet printing using a water soluble ink which points also to the destructive acid containing papers used for contemporary book printing, further the plastic material the CD case is consisting of is very breakable, nearly the slightest pressure may cause damage, and finally the protection in form of saving the written word digitalized on one of the currently used and available storage systems is also anything else than secure, as all of them are made for being consumed (with a life time of not more than 15 years) and not made for permanent saving. Anything has violent structures and is more or less temporary and very vague.
The art object reflects this way also what a library may represent and in the given case, what a wandering library also can mean, as the word in which form ever is damned to wander/move in order to survive.

The mission of the book object is: take care!
Take care for the word, as such!
Take care for the printed word !
Take care for preserving intellectual property of any kind.
Take care of the future and the heritage of the past.

The Book of Violence contains texts written by Agricola de Cologne, and images either created or selected and printed by Agricola de Cologne on an inkjet printer.
The art object is made especially for the project “Wandering Library” curated by Doron Polak for the 50th Venice Biennale and will remain in the collection of the “Wandering Library”.
Copyright © 2003 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

2003 Interactiva 03 - Biennale for New Media Art Merida/Mexico

2003 – Interactiva’03 – Biennale for New Media Art 2003 – Museum of Contemporary Art Merida/Mexico


Today is a very important day in Wilfried’s artistic /curatoral course of life, Interactiva’03 – Biennale for New Media Art is starting in Merida/Yukatan/Mexico. It is not the tropical, exotic place hosting a new media art event, but the fact Wilfried was invited by Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet, curator of Interactiva, to prepare an artistic / curatoral project for the Biennale and become this way a co-curator. The three Rs are standing for “Remembering – Repressing- Forgetting – so the topic is dealing with memory in most different ways- It is not the first time, that Wilfried was inviting a guest curator for one of his projects, but this project includes in all its consequences 8 curators and their curatorial contributions on the topic, a way to present and demonstrate diversity, not only the diversity of different curatorial concepts, but via the selected artists also a diversity of artistic concepts and all in one project, keeping the options to be installed in virtual space (Internet) as well as in the virtual space of a physical exhibition running from CD-Rom on an a computer monitor. Also consequently, Wilfried is curating virtual space, eg. the space available on the user’s monitor. He creates a special exhibition design, for each involved curator an individual interface which is thematically connected with the curatorial contribution. Wilfried’s way of realising his project is in these days very provocative, because he is acting as an artist, as well as the chief curator curating other curators. Probably such ideas can be realized in 2003 only in the experimental context of an experimenting Biennale, because the conventional art scene would not allow such an experiment, yet. Because each curator is coming from a different country, even different continents, The RRF Project v.1.0 is the forrunner of the subsequent global networking project, as it is manifesting itself as RRF 2004 and later. In this way RRF v.1 has a key function for all of Wilfried’s following artistic and curatorial projects. In 2003, it was invitation to initiate the RRF project, later in autumn 2003 he will receive the invitation to participate in the Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth (BEAP2004) starting in September 2004, both invitations have an enormous enncouraging and creative effect on Wilfried, in fact during 2003, Wilfried’s professional course of life will determined already, but Wilfried doesn’t know it, of course. Even if past articles were mentionning already, that Wilfried started on 1. January 2000 his (new) life from point zero, for a better understanding it is necessary to point here again, that in the process of re-shaping himself as a human and artist, these moments giving Wilfried’s creativity a push forward have a fundamental relevance, also in a psychological concern, they stabilize Wilfried’s personality. He will not attend the event in the Maya country Yucatan, he is not prepared, yet for long distance travels, one year later, however, he will be so far to stay several weeks in Australia when he will attend the Biennale in Perth. Wilfried will be visiting Mexico only in 2011.

MACAY – Museum of Contemporary Art Merida


The Fernando García Ponce – MACAY Museum is a museum complex dedicated to contemporary, pictorial and sculptural art, located in Mérida, Yucatán, México. It is located in the Plaza Mayor of the Yucatecan capital, in the heart of its historic center, next to the Cathedral of San Ildefonso.
In 1994, during the administration of Governor Dulce María Sauri and with the promotion of Carlos García Ponce, brother of the abstract painter Fernando García Ponce, part of whose work is displayed in the museum rooms, the MACAY was inaugurated occupying the building described above , with the mission of promoting the dissemination of national and international contemporary art. It has a total area of ​​3,500 m2, an area in which the following takes place:

Fifteen rooms for temporary exhibitions, two galleries and four rooms with permanent exhibitions. In the latter, the work of three stellar figures of Yucatecan art is exhibited: Fernando Castro Pacheco, Fernando García Ponce and Gabriel Ramírez Aznar.

There are two interior spaces: the Jardin de las Tinajas and the Expoforo, the latter with a capacity for 500 seated people. Both spaces are used for presentations and public events of various kinds and, occasionally, to be added to the exhibition spaces.

The museum presents a multiple sample of the Mexican national pictorial and sculptural talent. It gathers in its temporary exhibition rooms samples of the work of various national and foreign artists.4

The work of local artists who normally act as hosts to those foreign creators – national and foreign – whose work is presented simultaneously is presented.

Interactiva’03 – Biennale of New Media Art

Interactiva’03 – Biennale for New Media Art – @ MACAY – Museum of Contemporary Art Merida/Mexico
11 July – 28 September 2003

Agricola de Cologne and
[R]-[R]-[F] Festival – Version 1.0

Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet
Curador Ejecutivo/Executive Curator: Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
Curadores Invitados/Guest Curators:
Fatima Lasay, Pooja Sood, Agricola de Cologne
Ensayos/Essays: Laura Baigorri – Heidi Figueroa-Sarriera
Museografia/Museographer: Jose Luis Rodriguez de Arma

The RRF Project 1.0
[R]-[R]-[F] – version 1.0
was launched in 2003 as an individual project in the framework of Biennale of New Media Art Merida/Mexico, and was incorporated in the RRF project environment on 1 January 2005.
review on NEURAL

[R]-[R]-[F] – version 1.0
central interface

The RRF Project has a development since 2003, when on 1 July 2003, version 1.0 was launched. In 2004, independently from version 1.0 version 2.0 was released, only in 2005 both projects version fusioned to version 3.0 – resulting The RRF Project XP

From its structures, [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival is an extraordinary experimental New Media art project in form of an online festival created, programmed and realized by Agricola de Cologne.
Its central subject, abbreviated in the capital letters of the title, is Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting. A new way of art working is practiced: networking as artworking.
Experimental fields of memory are developed by inviting curators from different countries around the globe, eg directors of media festivals or curators specialized in New Media, who have to select a number of artists of their choice according the terms of the project.
The dynamic of this ongoing and continously changing project, as it is set up for being presented in festivals and media exhibitions, manifests itself not only in the artistic online environment,
especially created for [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival, but also progressing when for each new presentation a new project version is created, including new subject related aspects, new curators and new artists and new visualizations of the connected memory fields. Continuously expanding, these memory fields containing curators and artists of the previous project versions,will be always present in the background while slowly a networking universe of collective memory comes up. The project uses the Internet not only as an artistic environment, but primarily also as a communicating medium and a data base which is closely connected to memory and loss of memory, thus the subject of the festival project. The Internet represents not only the ideal medium in many ways, but allows above that direct intercultural networking like no other medium. [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival is closely connected to another net based art project by Agricola de Cologne “A Virtual Memorial – Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity –

Version 1.0 is featuring the curatorial contributions by Wilton Azevedo (Brazil), Anna Hatzianaki (Greece), Branca Bencic (Croatia),, Caterina Davinio (Italy) ,
Fran Ilich (Mexico) , Evgenyi Umansky (Russia), Vincent Makowski (France)Melody Parker-Carter (Germany) and Agricola de Cologne (Germany) .

List of curators and selected artists
the names are connected with the biographies

  • Wilton Azevedo/Brazil
  • curates
    1. – Andre Vallias (Brazil)
    2. – Chris Funkhouser (USA)
    3. Komninos Zervos (Australia)
    4.. –Tania Fraga (Brazil)

  • Caterina Davinio/Italy curates
  • > 1. – Panos Kouros (Greece)
    > 2. – Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (USA)
    > 3. – Christina McPhee (USA)

  • Branca Bencic/Croatia curates
  • 1. Lunar
    2. Zhel

    3. Shirin Kouladije (Canada)
    4. Elena Stanic
    5. Olja Stipanovic
    6. Jelena Vukotic
    7. Vanesa Turcinhodzic
    8. Petar Brajnovic
    9. Tomislav Brajnovic
    10. Karo

  • Anna Hatziyiannaki/Greece curates
  • the curated contributions, hosted by Artopos – is using Shockwave, but Shockwve is discontinued since 2017.

    1. –Makis Faros
    2. –Dimitris Zouroudis
    3. –Babis Venetopoulos
    4. –Athanasis Beroutsos
    5. –Viki Betsou
    6. –Joyce Charis

  • Vincent Makowski/France curates
  • 1. AL (France)
    2. Mauro Ceolin (Italy)
    3. Arthur X. Doyle (Ireland)
    4. Wolf Kahlen (Germany)
    5. Cyril Rouge (France)

  • Eugeny Umansky/Russia curates
  • 1. Eugeny Umansky
    2. Jevgeny Palamarchuk
    3. Yuri Vasiliev
    4. Anatoly Belov
    5. Dmitry Bulnygin
    6. Oleg Lystsov
    7. Alexey Tschebykin

  • Fran Ilich/Mexico curates
  • 1. Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico)
    2. kdag (Colombia/Spain)
    3. Judith Villamayor (Argentina)
    4. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)

  • Agricola de Cologne/Germany
  • curates
    1. URTICA (Serbia/Montenegro)
    2. Trebor Scholz (USA)
    3. Darko Fritz (Croatia/Netherlands)
    4. Ruth Catlow (UK)
    5. Alex Dragulescu (Romania)

  • Melody Parker Carter/Germany curates
  • 1. Fernando Palmeiro (Spain)

    2. Paul Catanese (USA)
    3. Tjader Knight Inc. (Finland/Belgium)
    4. Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay)

    2004 - BEAP - Biennale of Electronic Art Perth

    2004 – Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia
    7 September – 17 November 2004

    [R][R][F] 200X —> XP // Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting – the global networking project
    has been realised by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne on occasion and invitation of BEAP 2004 – Biennale of Electronic Art taking place between 7 September and 12 November 2004 in Perth/Australia.

    The printed catalogue is available as PDF
    Agricola de Cologne


    Agricola de Cologne was requested to create a global networking project dealing with the phenomenon of “memory” in avariety of different aspects. The global aspect is manifesting itself in the Location of the Internet based project, as such, in the concept to research how people from different contries rooted in different cultures, religions and social background deal with memory, by including artists and curators from different countries, cultural, religious and social background. It was the idea to demonstrate this dealing via different “memory channels”, each one dedicated to a different artistic digital medium.

    BAEP 2004: Beap curator Jeremy Blank (right) & Agricola de Cologne (center)
    While the Biennale exhibitions were installed at numerous art places and institutes, Agricola de Cologne was installed at the artist in residence gallery @ Central Taffe Institute of Technology Perth/Australia in an exchange between virtual and physical space, where he also was an artist in residence. Wilfried’s work was curated by Jeremy Blank, at that time teacher at Central Tafe School for Art, Design & Media which is also running the Artist in Residence Gallery.

    video of the installation ant BEAP 2004 in Perth

    Concept of The RRF Project installation

    Inauguration, presentation and installation

    2004 - Biennale de Montreal

    2004 – Biennale de Montreal 2004 –
    curated by Anne-Marie Boisvert – La ville virtuelle –
    23 September -31 October 2004

    Urban.early sunday morning_raw

    Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:40
    video based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan

    Please note –>
    Urban.early sunday morning_raw
    was originally created in Flash – non-linear – in times when streaming video did not exist yet. The media technology using very light files was allowing online streaming even by using low K modems. Originally developed by MACROMEDIA and later owned by ADOBE, Flash software, like earlier before Shockwave, is not longer supported and in this way the original file is no longer available online, but on demand the Flash version can be exhibited and viewed offline.
    However already in 2007, a linear video version nowdays available for screening in mp4 is replacing the original version in Flash, see streaming video above.

    Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:40
    multimedia work based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan


    49th Pula Filmfestival – Cinemania(c) – curated by Branca Bencic– Pula (Croatia)2002
    GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino (Italy) – *Digitalclip Festival – 2002
    *Medi@terra – Festival 2002 – Fournos Cultural Centre Athens (Greece)2002
    *Media Art Biennale – Mediahexa Festival Seoul (Korea)2002
    *Cyborg 01 Festival – Valencia/Venezuela 2002
    *III. INTERPOETRY Exhibition Sao Paulo (Brazil)2002
    *43th International Filmfestival Thessaloniki (Greece)2002
    *5th International Meeting of Experimental Poetry Buenos Aires (Argentina)2002
    *VideoMarathon Contemporary Art Centre Chisinau (Moldavia) – 2002
    *Liberarti – Liverpool Biennial (UK) – 2002
    *ISEA 2002 Nagoya (Japan)
    Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti (Romania) – *COOP Media Festival – 2002
    St. Kilda Film Festival – Melbourne (Australia) – Visions Festival’ 2002
    *Nth ArtExhibit.001 – Nth Art Collective London/UK 2003
    *Moving Media Multiplicator Vienna (Austria) 2003
    *Artemedia 2003 – Universidad Maimonides Buenos Aires/Argentina 2003
    *FiFI Festival 2003 – Paris (France) – Urban.early sunday morning_raw 2003
    *File 2003 – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2003
    *Digital Sur Festival- Arte Digital Rosario 2003 – Rosario (Argentina) 2003
    *8th International Festival of New Film – Split/Croatia 2003
    *Fibreculture Conference 2003 – Brisbane/Australia :: Digital Literacies 2003
    *New Forms Festival Vancouver (Canada) 2003
    *Film and New Media Festival Lancaster (UK) 2003
    *Galerija ULUPUH Zagreb/Croatia 2003
    *PEAM 2003 – Electronic Art Festival 2003 Pescara/Italy 2003
    *Kunst aus Strom Festival/Art from Electric Power Festival 2003
    *Kinokaze – Open Screen Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro) 2003
    *(6th) Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 2003
    *3rd Audiovisual Festival Lille/France – 2003
    *Belgrade Summer Festival – Open Screen Belgrade 2004
    *The Wiggle Room San Antonio TX (USA) 2004
    *FAIM Madrid – El Viernes Curvado curated by Antonio Alvarado 2004
    *Biennale de Montreal 2004
    *Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del ZULIA, MACZUL – Salón de Arte Digital -2005
    *Cyber Poem 2.1 – International Meeting of Digital Poetry 2005
    *FONLAD – Online Festival Coimbra/Pt 22/10-30/11
    *Micropolis – Internation contest and Exhibition Athens/Greece 2005
    *Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina – Orilla#05 – International Show of Digital Art – 8-11 September 2005
    *3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina 2007
    Int. Experimental Film Festival Carbunari Baia Mare/Romania 2007
    *Traverse Video Festival Toulouse/France 11-30 March 2008
    Video Art Screenings Örebrö/Sweden 18-19 April 2008
    Videoholica 2008 – August in Art Biennial Varna Bulgaria 8-15 August 2008
    21st Instants Video Marseille – screening at St. Denis/F – 16 October 2008

    2005 Hong Kong Artists' Biennial: Moonstruck

    2005 Hong Kong Artists’ Biennial: Moonstruck

    2005-04-01 until 2005-04-30
    Club 64
    Hong Kong, , HK Hong Kong

    Lunatic collectors. Superstitious sowers. Eccentric woolgatherers…This artist run show is an open forum for images, words and sounds. It is concerned with non-hierchical collecting, with anarchic exhibition systems. Enabled through an international network of artists’ web forums, personal relationships and chance notices, the project traverses China, Asia, North America, Europe, South America and the Middle East…And there is a twisted romanticism at the heart of this project – built as it is around a belief in freewheeling (non)curating. In this spirit artists from all over the world have submitted their work, making this one of the most international exhibitions ever held in Hong Kong. In the end, the entire project will be archived in a time-capsule cum ‘seed’…

    The leftovers of the exhibition will be buried in the site of the future West Kowloon Cultural District site, a little semi-toxic seed for the future of Hong Kong’s cultural topography. Another version will be taken to Venice as an ad-hoc ‘addition’ to the Venice Biennale’ and dropped into the lagoon. Here the contributions ultimately come together as kernels and curses towards the future of art. Art as international, superstitious agriculture?

    The theme of this biennale is MOONSTRUCK, and it celebrates the aberrant, angry, ape, athrill, barmy, batty, beatific, berserk, beside oneself, bewildered, blissful, bonkers, carried away, confused, cool, corybantic, cracked, crazed, crazy, delirious, cuckoo, daft, delighted, delirious, demented, deranged, deviant, deviate, dingy, dippy, disarranged, disordered, distracted, distraught, disturbed, dreamy, drunk, ecstatic, elated, enraptured, enthused, enthusiastic, entranced, erratic, euphoric, excited, far out, fervent, fevered, feverish, fiery, flaky, flipped out, flipped, floating, flushed, flying high, frantic, fraught, freaked out, frenetic, frenzied, fruity, furious, gone, hallucinatory, happy, haywire, hectic, high, hopped up, hot, hyper, hysterical, idiotic, imbalanced, in exaltation, incoherent, inflamed, insane, intoxicated, irrational, joyful, joyous, keyed up, kooky, lightheaded, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, manic, mental, nuts, nutty, out, overexcited, overjoyed, overwrought, potty, psycho, pyretic, rabid, raging, rambling, rapturous, raving, ravished, realgone, rhapsodic, screw loose, screwball, screwy, sent, shook up, silly, spaced out, spazzed out, stoned, sunny, thrilled, tickled pink, touched, transported, turned on, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unreasonable, unscrewed, unsettled, unzipped, upbeat, violent, wacky, wandering, weird, weirded out, whackoagitated, wicked, wigged out, wild, wired, worked up, and ARTISTIC things that make life interesting.

    Over one hundred artists from around the world will be participating in the exhibition.

    2005 - 51st Venice Biennale

    2005 – 51st Venice Biennale 2005 – Isola della Poesia/Poetry Island
    curated by Achile Bonito Oliva – 8 June – 15 Nov

    POETRY ISLAND (Light Installation on San Secondo Island, Venezia): – MARCO NEREO ROTELLI
    THE NIGHT OF POETS: Venice given to poetry in the most beautiful palaces and parks, with great international poets.

    In collaboration with:, La Repubblica Arte Newspaper
    Virtual Island: a net-poetry happening online, created by Caterina Davinio in 2005; it was included in Isola della Poesia, a collateral exhibition of the 51st Venice Biennale. 500 poets were involved. Isola della poesia was a real installation by the artist and architect Marco Nereo Rotelli on San Secondo Island, in Venice. This event in Venice was curated by the art critic Achille Bonito Oliva. The real installation had a simultaneous virtual space online called Virtual Island, created by Caterina Davinio in collaboration with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica,[10][11] where poets from around the world could write poems during the Venice Biennale. The participants included emerging and established poets, such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Fernanda Pivano, Adunis.[12] The opening of the exhibition “Isola della poesia” – with poetry readings by international poets – was organized on board of the ship “Il Doge”, which navigated in the Venice Lagoon during the Venice Biennale opening (video document).

    Poets of the Virtual island:

    1.. Aziz Elhihi
    2.. Alberto Scarponi
    3.. Antonio Padula
    4.. Lica Cecato
    5.. Carianacarianne
    6.. Linda Mavian
    7.. Bruno Capatti
    8.. Sheila E. Murphy
    9.. Silene Arnaldi
    10.. Diana Di Francesca
    11.. Luca Zugaro
    12.. Anat Elberg
    13.. Congelo (Coco Gordon e Angelo Ricciardi)
    14.. Giovanni Fontana
    15.. Janedapain
    16.. Lilli
    17.. Carlo Capeti
    18.. Nadia Cavalera
    19.. Anna Boschi
    20.. Maria Rosaria Lasio
    21.. José Maria Sena Bezerril
    22.. Laura Mautone
    23.. Nel Amaro
    24.. Fernando Rodriguez Conde
    25.. Anna Santoro
    26.. Peter Nicholson
    27.. Antonio Messina
    28.. Luigi La Vista
    29.. Ariodante Marianni
    30.. Andrej Zivor (Tisma)
    31.. Luc Fierens
    32.. Jaime Díaz Gavier
    33.. Lee Wells
    34.. Jeff Harrison
    35.. Anne Pigalle
    36.. Romolo Scodavolpe
    37.. Alina Rizzi
    38.. Antonio Messina
    39.. Candela Taranto
    40.. Gabriella Musetti
    41.. Robert R. Cheatham
    42.. Giancarlo Cecchini
    43.. Graziella Poluzzi
    44.. Paolo Ruffilli
    45.. Anna Olmo
    46.. Federico Quinteros
    47.. Jeltje
    48.. Bill Lavender
    49.. Tomaso Binga
    50.. Gaetano Longo
    51.. Anna Zoli
    52.. Catherine Daly
    53.. Maja Jantar
    54.. Luciano Pagano
    55.. Maria Benedetta Cerro
    56.. Elda Caccia Cordara
    57.. Renata Masciangelo Palumbo
    58.. Mark Leahy
    59.. Franco Buffoni
    60.. Naria Lenti
    61.. Maria Grech Ganado
    62.. Immanuel Mifsud
    63.. Vittorino Curci
    64.. Maddalena De Leo
    65.. Letizia Lanza
    66.. Calogero Barba
    67.. Giovanni Armone
    68.. Maria Grazia Armone
    69.. Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
    70.. Jude James
    71.. Carlo Trotta
    72.. Perla Cacciaguerra
    73.. Cristiana Morroni (Elogio dei sogni)
    74.. Manuel Serra
    75.. Mark Oliver
    76.. Fabiano Alborghetti
    77.. Luigia Cardarelli
    78.. Vincenzo Mascolo
    79.. Alberto Asero
    80.. Luigi Negro Barquez
    81.. Jordi Cienfuegos
    82.. Liliana Ugolini
    83.. Matt Hetherington
    84.. Dorothea Fleiss
    85.. Indira Montoya
    86.. Federico Falco
    87.. Carla Deangelis
    88.. Allan Revich
    89.. Anna Krenz
    90.. Maureen Johnston
    91.. Lamberto Pignotti
    92.. Emanuele Magri
    93.. Maria Teresa Sampietro
    94.. Andrea Di Gregorio
    95.. Anna Santoliquido
    96.. Giorgio Longo
    97.. Norma Stramucci
    98.. Giuseppe Risica
    99.. Diego Canato
    100.. Giuseppe Risica
    101.. Jill Rock
    102.. Patrizia Chianese Crescentini
    103.. Michelangelo Cammarata
    104.. Eleonora Bellini
    105.. Sztuka Fabryka
    106.. Stefano Donno
    107.. Spencer Selby
    108.. Gabriella Garofalo
    109.. Tommasina Squadrito
    110.. Giuseppe Panetta
    111.. Eugenio Lucrezi
    112.. Calogero Barba
    113.. Angela Aniello
    114.. Mirella Floris
    115.. Vittorio Aprea
    116.. Francesca Santucci
    117.. Marina Pizzi
    118.. Nicola Frangione
    119.. Tito S.B. Truglia
    120.. Franco Altobelli
    121.. Oronzo Liuzzi
    122.. Mojca Pelcar Sarf
    123.. Carla Capeto
    124.. Fabia Ghenzovich
    125.. Nino Contiliano
    126.. Alfio Cangiani
    127.. Lucio Zinna
    128.. Ana Luisa Valdés
    129.. MariaPia Quintavalla
    130.. Daniele Poletti
    131.. Poeta Ignoto (Mexico)
    132.. Cristina Vignocchi
    133.. Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
    134.. Joyce Ryckman
    135.. Jesse Glass
    136.. Marco Palladini
    137.. Nancy Petry
    138.. Rosetta Berardi
    139.. Giorgio Moio
    140.. Maka Gonashvili
    141.. Egidio Fusco
    142.. Heinrich Obst
    143.. Chris Straetling
    144.. State of Being
    145.. Francesca Spessot
    146.. Italo Testa
    147.. Paolo Pagani
    148.. Adelio Rigamonti
    149.. Giancarlo Pontiggia
    150.. Giancarlo Da Lio
    151.. Lina Salvi
    152.. Alckmar Luiz Dos Santos
    153.. Regine Elliott
    154.. Massimo Zanasi
    155.. Luc Dall’Armellina
    156.. Sasha Sclaunich
    157.. Boisnard Philippe
    158.. David Lloyd
    159.. Giulia Da Lio
    160.. Tomaso Kemeny
    161.. Jan Steinum
    162.. Dag Blakkisrud
    163.. Sara Parravicini
    164.. Paul Sark
    165.. Matteo Danieli
    166.. Riccarda Turrina
    167.. Carmine Mario Mulière
    168.. Ardea Montebelli
    169.. Wilton Azevedo
    170.. Reinhard Christanell
    171.. Ada De Alessandri Cattafi
    172.. Mauro Germani
    173.. Caterina Camporesi
    174.. Gianfranco Gentile
    175.. Sara Maino
    176.. José Maria Bezerril
    177.. Mario Vassalle
    178.. Jen Scappettone
    179.. Giacomo Guidetti
    180.. Barbara Gabotto
    181.. Silvio Giussani
    182.. Lidia Amalia Palazzolo
    183.. Franco Piri Focardi
    184.. Riccardo Preziosi
    185.. Alberto Figliolia
    186.. Richard Clar
    187.. Luigi Nacci
    188.. Franco Ceradini
    189.. Tiziana Baracchi
    190.. Enrico Tavernini
    191.. Giovanni Strada – Renata Strada
    192.. Lillo Gullo
    193.. Silvia Venuti
    194.. Beno Fignon
    195.. Giorgio Maimone
    196.. Cinthea Fiss
    197.. Carlo Severgnini
    198.. Brad Brace
    199.. Mariella Desantis
    200.. Clemente Padin
    201.. Marco Mancuso
    202.. Sheila E. Murphy
    203.. Maria Grazia Martina
    204.. Roberto Scala
    205.. Maria Cuervo
    206.. Enzo Minarelli
    207.. Cyril Lepetit
    208.. Gigi Zoppello
    209.. David-Baptiste Chirot
    210.. Aliprandini Marco
    211.. babel
    212.. LOME
    213.. Tiziano Fratus
    214.. Stefano Raimondi
    215.. Paola Mara De Maestri
    216.. Tomás Browne Cruz
    217.. John Gian
    218.. Daniele Virgilio
    219.. Davide Pettarini
    220.. Nicola Licciardello
    221.. Alessandro Ramberti
    222.. Bartolome Ferrando
    223.. Ida Campagnola
    224.. Filippo Ravizza
    225.. Alberto Mori
    226.. Clarius Ugwuoha
    227.. Therea Wolfwood
    228.. Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
    229.. Guido Vermeulen
    230.. Marcello Mercado
    231.. David Stuart Ryan
    232.. Adam Nankervis
    233.. Jelle Meander
    234.. Christian Sinicco
    235.. Carol Starr
    236.. Eleonora Chiesa
    237.. Martín Gubbins
    238.. Robert Sheppard
    239.. Sergio Monteiro de Almeida
    240.. Giacomo Picca
    241.. Flores Knistoff & Hartmut Andryczuk
    242.. John M. Bennett
    243.. Marco Saya
    244.. Carlo Guarrera
    245.. Cecil Touchon
    246.. Laurie Price
    247.. ][mez][
    248.. Regina Vater
    249.. mIEKAL aND
    250.. Caterina Davinio

    2005 - Biennale of Video & New Media Santiago

    2005 – Biennale of Video & New Media Santiago/Chile
    17-28 November 2005

    2006 - Biennale 3000 Sao Paulo by Fred Forest

    2006 – Biennale 3000 Sao Paulo by Fred Forest
    MAC – Contemporary Art Museum Sao Paulo
    7 Oct – 15 Dec 2006

    2006 - 5th Biennale de la Photo et des Arts visuels de Liège

    5th Biennale de la Photo et des Arts visuels de Liège
    MAMAC Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

    Liège/Belgium 18 Feb – 31 March 2006

    A Terra Sacrificada – curated by Tamara LAI
    As a Video director, Tamara Lai turned to digital techniques in 1993: multimedia interactive, computer graphics and special effects, and the writing of interactive novels, stories and poetry (CD-Roms). Early web activist and network artist (1997), her research focuses on Net art / Web Art (sites, performances cam _ & _ cat, video conferences …), and especially the creation of participative digital spaces.

    Tamara Lai creates videos and media works using a poetic and often metaphorical syntax. These works appear as dreamlike images where fiction and reality meet. Sound, rhythm and movement still play a key role. Her poetry, close to automatic writing, often operates a dangerous slip between the Self and the Other, in a deep introspection.
    Over more than 35 years of artistic activity, Tamara Laï has produced around forty videos, over twenty websites gathered in the “Tell A Mouse” web ring, a dozen shows/video performances, cam_&_chat and multimedia, four interactive works on cd-rom, a collection “@ TENDRE ”(2006) bringing together twenty poems. She has also contributed to many collaborative / participatory Net art projects carried out by artists from different countries.

    Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) Message from Behind a Wall, 2005, 10:00
    The segregation wall in Palestine is a fact. In November 2004, an artistic action against the wall ended, taking place at six different places in Palestine where walls were under construction, initiated by Palestine artists by inviting artists from different countries to paint an artistic message on the concrete.
    When Agricola de Cologne was in Bethlehem in February 2005, he visited several places where the Israeli were erecting the wall. The part of the wall he was filming, is situated in opposite of the AIDA refugee camp (UN), and was at that time a temporary playground for children. And these children made their own contribution to the huge wall paintings.
    “Message from behind a Wall”is transporting different messages, but the main message represents the action of children’s innocence.
    The moving picture is a unique document of the day of 17 February 2005. Meanwhile, the construction of the wall in Bethlehem is since long time completed, and the area around the wall does not motivate children to use it further as a playground.

    2007 - 52nd Venice Biennale 2007 -
    2007 - Documenta 12 Kassel/Germany

    52nd Venice Biennale 2007 – Markers VI – Divine_in.tent – 7-30 June 2007
    Documenta 12 Kassel/Germany – Markers VI – Divine_in.tent – 2007
    curated by Doron Polak & Amir Cohen

    52nd Venice Biennale 2007 – Divine_in.tent – curated by Doron Polak & Amir Cohen – 7-30 June 2007

    Wilfried is participating with two videos–>

    Agricola de Cologne, Paint The Time, 2007, 9:40
    The films shows heaven on earth, Arcadia filmed on a Sunday morning at the Villa Borghese Park in Rome. The film is an allegory of life, also a symbol for the human wish for harmony, the everlasting life in balance , the impossible dream. By moving through this dream, the human and animal protagonists paint their own time, led by the divine.
    The video is part of the installation project of the same name.

    Agrocola de Cologne, Firebird, 2005, 3:30
    The contemporary interpretation of Strawinski’s “Firebird”. Performamce filmed at the river Seine/Paris.

    2008 - Bienal de Madeira

    2008 – Madeira International Art Biennale
    FONLAD – 1 September – 13 October 2008

    Casa de la Cultura Santa Cruz
    Quinta do Revoredo was built, in 1840, by the English entrepreneur John Blandy of Madeira wine, for his summer maritime residence, close to the land that he had acquired, a year before, from the Public Treasury from the extinct Convent of Nossa Senhora da Piety of Santa Cruz. The name adopted is due to the immense tree cover that the gardens of the house had.
    His grandson Charles Frederick Raleigh Blandy settled in this house, who had a special fondness for this town. He was born in Funchal, in 1846, having pursued a career as an engineer and completed his internship in Glasgow (Scotland). In 1903 he offered a watch to the Santa Cruz City Council which was placed in the tower of the Igreja Matriz and, together with the English mother Mary Jane Wilson, helped to recover the hospital of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santa Cruz. He was a benefactor and protector of countless families in the county. In the last ten years of his life, he devoted himself to watercolor painting of the landscape of Madeira, at the end of the 19th century. 19th and early 20th century. XX, within the taste of naturalism of the time. Currently, these paintings are in the Museum of Natural History of Funchal.
    In a space attached to the Quinta, now occupied by the Municipal Library, his painting and photography studio operated. At the west end of the garden is the old caretaker’s house, now adulterated and detached from the property.

    2008 - August in Art Biennial Varna
    2008 – August in Art Biennial Varna/BG – 8-15 August 2008 – Videoholica

    15 August 2008 – 21:00/ Georgi Velchev Art Museum, 8 Radko Dimitriev Str.
    Selection from Videoholica 08
    Permanent projections at the Varna City Art Gallery

    MONITOR №1

    Simon Rattigan, no name, – 2008 10:00
    Hye Cho, South Korea/Austalia, “My name is-Hye Cho!” – 2008 – 1:51, “My Name is Na-Yong Kwon!” – 2008 – 2:49
    Sean Burn, England, “The Terror We Create” – 2006 – 2:22
    Brigitte Listenberger and Jean-Luk Bodmer, Switzerland, “3X3” – 2008 – 3:00
    Stuart Pound, England, “Postcard” – 2003 – 2:54
    Sam Holden , England, “70 still frames…” – 2007 – 5:50
    Wu Chia Hua, Taiwan, “Spectral Field” – 2007 – 7:28
    Astrid Elizabeth Bang, Norway, “Breaking Out” – 2008 – 2:20
    Bryant Dameron, USA, “Evidence 2” – 2007 – 7:27
    James Cook, Usa, “Walkabout” – 2006 – 4:01, “The dance of Shiva” – 2006 – 4:57
    Victor Mutelekesha, Zambia/Norway, „Cry, The beloved Country” – 2007 – 8:00
    Emma Bowen, Scotland, “H2O” – 2007 – 4:06
    Sergei Patzkevich, Russia, “Sex” – 2007 – 2:40, “Soup” – 2007 – 3:50

    MONITOR №2

    Alex Hetherington, USA, no name, 2008 – 9:52
    Dana Sederovski, Sweden, „Special Announcements” – 2008 – 14:00
    Christian White, Scotland, „Splice” – 2006 – 1:00
    Luk Lenoir, Belgium, “The Prospect” – 2008 – 5:08
    Ira Eduardovna, Russia/USA, “The Pool” – 2005 – 1:00, “The room” – 2007 – 1:00, “Roulette” – 2008 – 2:00
    Bridget Walker, Australia, “Past Perfect – Present Continuous” – 2008 – 3:25
    Jenny Baines, England, “Victoria Park” – 2007 – 1:30, Untitled – 2007 – 2:35
    Virginie Foloppe, France, “Le Bain de V.” – 2002 – 4″34
    Kevin Logan, England – “Recitation” – 2001 – 4:30
    Florian Gwinner, Germany,”Decoration” – 2007 – 5:22

    MONITOR №3

    Nathan Boyer, USA, “Enter the Dragon!”- 2007 – 5:38
    Megan Le Borious, USA, “Ivory” – 2006 – 5:11
    Adam Trowbridge, USA – snstcntnr.1 – 2007 – 3:34
    Go Eun Im, South Korea, “(Re)Cycling – 2008 – 3:50
    Caroline Kapp, USA, “Circular” – 2007 – 2:17
    Liu Wei Liu, China, Hopeless Land” – 2007 – 7:16
    Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Germany, “Urban. Early Sunday morning_raw” – 2007 – 4:30
    Adam Laurence, England, “Recollection” – 2008 – 6:00
    Sophia Hadjipapa-Gee, Cyprus, “Another Lonely Day” – 2008 – 5:12
    Peter Simon, Germany, “Steelskins” – 2007 – 6:50
    Henry Gwiazda, USA, “A Doll’s House is …” – 2007 – 5:48
    Daniel Rodrigo, Spain/England – “Fashion Death” – 2007 – 4:51
    Dragon Dance Theatre, Canada – “The Last Days of Leon Trotzky” – 2008 – 10:00

    2009 - 53rd Venice Biennale
    2009 – 53rd Venice Biennale 2009 – Scalamata Gallery – Markers 7 – “Souvenir Art” – International Artists Museum – 6-26 June 2009

    53rd Venice Biennale 2009 – Scalamata Gallery – “Souvenir Art” – International Artists Museum – 6-26 June 2009

    2010 - Bienal de Porto Santo

    2010 – Bienal de Porto Santo/Portugal
    CologneOFF @ Fonlad – Digital Art Festival
    28 May-3 July 2010

    2010 - August in Art Biennial.varna 2010

    2010 – August in Art Biennial.varna 2010 – 12-17 Aug 2010
    memo.real project.collateral
    07 Aug 2010 – 17 Sep 2010

    3rd VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival Program
    VARNA, BULGARIA 10 – 18 AUGUST 2010

    Between August 10th and August 18th, 2010, the 3rd edition of VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival will be held in Varna accompanying AUGUST IN ART International Biennial of Visual Arts.

    During the festival 9-day duration, according to the VIDEOHOLICA 2010 motto ‘KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE’, various video selections and projects describing diverse concepts and interpretations of the term ‘illusion’ as a phenomenon discovered and studied with the techniques of video art will be screened and presented.

    VIDEOHOLICA 2010 main program, which includes over 150 video art works (selected from more than 500), part of which thematically divided into the selections ‘East Asia’, ‘Dance’ , ‘BG’, will be presented in a series of evening screenings in four different open-air places, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina open-air stage and the outside space of Music Cafe LOOK.


    August 15, 2010 / Sunday / 21:00 / State Puppet Theatre / Back yard
    Projection Panel / Video art with English subtitles (speech) / Programme Length – 96:00 minutes

    1. Hadas Tapouchi – Israel – Moel-Yad – 2009 – 06:00
    2. Marco Wedel – Germany – Melancholy Intellect – 2008 – 03:52
    3. Milica Rakic – Serbia – Red Star – 2009 – 02:49
    4. Stefan Riebel – Germany – Untittled#3 – 2007 – 01:13
    5. Ane Lan – Norway – Woman of The World – 2008 – 07:15
    6. Alexandra Piras & Frank Akino Beekman – France – Savage Vertigo – 2009 / 10 – 10:00
    7. Piotr Krzymowski – UK / Poland – Color Invention – 2010 – 05:40
    8. Kaja Kraner – Slovenia – Screen 1_2 – 2009 – 05:54
    9. Owen Eric Wood – Canada – Made Up – 2008 – 04:20
    10. Felix Fernandez – Spain – Shocktime – 2010 – 10:00
    11. Stephan Hillerbrand & Mary Magsamen – USA – Lick – 2009 – 01:30
    12. Krystallia Sakellariou – Sweden / Mexico – What would your dream day be like? – 07:00 – 2010
    13. Signe Lillemark – Romania / Denmark – Being Danish – 2009 – 03:38
    14. Wilfried Agricola De Cologne – Germany – Encoded – 2008 – 05:50
    15. Maria Rosa Jijon – Italy – Sus Cartas / His Letters – 2009 – 02:09
    16. Laura Celada – Spain – Princess Dream – 2010 – 06:26
    17. Julie Meitz – USA / France – Just Text – 2010 – 03:51
    18. Philipp Wendelin Teister – Austria – Skype Me – 2009 – 08:28

    Videholica Varna Bulgaria
    VIDEOHOLICA festival is designed as video art forum with international participation to present to the audience of Varna a remarkable and highly valuable programme of video art works. In parallel with the video art screenings of VIDEOHOLICA, the events of the festival include exhibitions, discussions and workshops concerning video and contemporary art topics lead by established local and international art professionals followed by a reception with invited video artist.
    The festival events take place in traditional gallery and museum spaces and also in nontraditional outdoor / public spaces in Varna, virgin for contemporary art environment, or where it is less known.
    The festival addresses the professional public as well as that auditorium, which has had no contact with contemporary art until now, and provokes both audiences through organized art activities to look for new meaning and identity amidst creative environment unknown to them so far. VIDEOHOLICA festival presents art works by well-known artists as well as renders opportunity to young artists, who are working in the field of contemporary art and are pursuing innovative practices in a professional manner, to manifest their works distinguished for their original creative language.

    2016 - Kochi Muziris Biennial

    2016 – Kochi Muziris Biennial 2016/2017 –
    23-26 February 2017 – Kochi/Kerala/ India

    Program 1

    Curatorial statement
    The selection Focus/Asia includes artists from Western and Eastern areas of Asia, eg. Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Iran -Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines and Japan. The very short „moving images“ use a common pictorial language which is characterized by individual aesthetics and philosophical concepts –Ying and Yang are nearly in harmony, wouldn’t be there a typical subtle criticism, which does not accuse, however –abstractly transformed into symbols and metaphores which need to be decoded first. Differently than the familiar narratives of a short or features film, these videos start a process or even multiple processes, but do not complete them -leaving the viewer in confusion inviting him to complete the process via reflecting. In this way, each video is incorprating a kind of interactive component. The presentation format in shape of a screening giving the viewer only one chance to view requires a particular attention, also because the non-linear structures of the individual video and the screening program, as such, are generating again and again -the unexpected.

    Focus / Asia
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) – Space Dawing No.5, 2009, 1:02
    Mani Mehrvarz (Iran) – Wistful Affection For The Past, 2013, 3:06
    Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand) – To Face, 2014, 5:55
    Mehmet ÖGÜT (Turkey) – The Basket Seller, 2014, 5:40
    Noriyuki Suzuki (Japan) – Fragment, 2012, 6:31
    Shuai-Cheng Pu (Taiwan) – Consciousness Spin Project, 2015, 5:39
    Richard Legaspi (Philippines) – Making Love with the Wind, 2015, 9:40
    Sanglim Han (S.Korea) – Bloom, 2012, 3:35
    Weigang Song (China) – Walling Dissensus, 2014, 5:01
    Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Seeds, 2012, 5:03
    Mohammed Harb (Palestine) – Without Windows, 2009, 5:00
    Yovista Ahtajida (Indonesia) – Re-Interpreting Trump, 2016, 1:15

    Program 2

    Curatorial statement
    The selection„Focus/World“ is based on „The Refugee Film Collection“ at The New Museum of Networked Art –initiated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne in 2015 on occasion of the international refugee crisis. The selectedvideos created by artists from Germany, Israel, Morocco, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Croatia and Ukraine, deal with the globalwide phenomenon of transmigration which got these day a particular relevance through military conflicts and terror (Middle East, Ukraine), poverty and lack of perspectives (Africa, Asia, Latin America), also caused by failed national and international politics and economics and the natural and human-made climate change resulting countless individual human tragedies.The videos offer a view on different sides of transmigration, for those who migrate an uprooting but on the other hand a chance for survival, but for those who are supposed to give them shelter migrants are too often notexperienced as achance, but rather a thread causing aloss of priviledges manifested in foreclosure,xenophobia, racism and violence. The artists dedicate their reflection to empathy and humanity

    Focus / World – The Refugee Film Collection
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – Stay or fly away?, 2015, 0:49
    Mauricio Saenz (Mexico) – Flight simulator, 2014, 4:17
    Les Riches Douaniers (Gilles Richard & Fabrice Zoll) (France) – The Lonely Migrant, 2011, 16:15
    Johannes Christopher Gérard (Germany) – disorientated displacement, 2016, 05:02
    Masha Maria Yozefpolsky (Israel) – In Between SiO2, 2016, 10:00
    Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine) – «Letter from Ukraine», 2014, 7:31
    Mohamed Thara (Morocco) – As Long As I Can Hold My Breath, 2016, 9:40
    Lucija Konda Labas (Croatia) – We are the dogs – Wir sind Hunde, 2016, 1:11
    Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz (Germany) – Lichtenberg Cleans Up, 2016, 4:34