Beyond all Media

Beyond all Media

Beyond all Media

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  • Synopsis

    Beyond all Media
    describes counter positions

    and dimensions of contemporary

    environmental and social

    developments and aesthetics

    which find their result in

    polarisation and conflicts on different levels.

    The work is net based and uses the Internet as a resource. This fact represents an important aspect in the artistic statement.

    The work is developed according the principle of SAMAC (Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola’s individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously –depending on each other – in one long single process, or in complex interactive works in several sessions holding the creative process.

    The work encompasses interactive and movie features as well, and is created in Flash5 by Agricola de Cologne. Text, music, sound, voice created and performed by Agricola de Cologne.

    Technical details

    Year of production: 2002
    Duration: interactive
    Format : Flash, HTML
    Aspect ratio: 1000×700 pix
    Programmed: Flash
    Exhibition format: DVD , InternetSound: yes
    Colour: yes
    Sound/music: Agricola de Cologne

    Director, producer, editor, script/concept, cinematography, programming: Agricola de Cologne

    Copyright © 2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.


    *COOP Media Festival – Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti (Romania) 2002
    *File – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2002
    *Fibreculture Conference 2003 – Brisbane/Australia :: Digital Literacies 2003