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  • Synopsis
    Interactive moving picture created in Flash by media artist Agricola de Cologne
    inspired by poetic texts of Liubov Sirota, an Ukrainian Tchernobyl survivor.

    The work is telling something about landscapes
    imaginary landscapes, flourishing landscapes
    landscapes of illusion, landscape of hope, landscape of innocence
    landscapes of being home, landscapes of unscathed genetics
    landscape of giving home to all beings of the Creation.
    Are there any landscapes any longer, did not they dry out, blasted, shrinked to minimalism through the will for destruction, the bombs over Hiroshima, Chernobyl the completely mined enviroment which leaves no air to breath, the mountains of garbage collapsing……………..
    who will remember all those little children
    who will be born again and again
    who will never get any chance to survive.
    We will remember,
    we will reconstruct forgotten landscapes
    But will we succeed?

    The work is developed according the principle of SAMAC
    (Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola’s individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously –depending on each other – in one long single process.

    Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.

    Technical details

    Year of production: 2002
    Duration: interactive
    Format : HTML, Flash
    Aspect ratio: 1000×700 pix
    Programmed: HTML, Flash
    Exhibition format: Internet, DVD, CD-Rom
    Sound: yes
    Colour: yes
    Sound/music: Agricola de Cologne

    Director, producer, editor, script/concept, cinematography, programming: Agricola de Cologne

    Copyright © 2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.


    *MAXXI – Museo of 21st centrury Rome 2006/2007
    *Fibreculture Conference 2003 – Brisbane/Australia :: Digital Literacies 2003
    *PEAM 2003 – Electronic Art Festival 2003 Pescara/Italy 2003
    *Chiang Mai 1st New Media Art Festival – Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2003
    *File 2002 – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2002
    *X Canarias International Festival of Video & Multimedia 2002
    *August Art 2002 Festival New York (USA) 2002
    *Con|text – Stasis_Space – curated by John Kannenberg (USA)2002