Agricola de Cologne

ARCHA – Conference




Stadtgalle Görlitz – Municipal Conference Centre

archa02 International ARCHA Conference Goerlitz 1991 2- 5 May 1991
in collaboration with the City of Goerlitz, City of Halbersadt and City of Zittau
and the municipal museums

Prof.Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf, prime Minister of The Free State of Saxony
Matthias Lechner, Mayor of the City of Goerlitz

Conference topic:
The new cultural situation after the Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

archa01-01Thursday, 2 May 1991
International Artists Meeting
Alistair McLennan, Belfast
Stig Danielson , Sweden
Margaret Hunter (UK)
Ms. Waltraut Starke, Oberlausitzer Kunstverein
Maria Zilla, Museum leipzig
Tomasz Pierczak, (Poland)
Roman Wiedlowski (Poland)
Detlef Dammann, Municipal Gallery Zwickau
Herbert Reich, ARCHA Society

archa03Friday, 3 May 1991

10h City tour for the participants
11h reception at the Mayor of the City of Goerlitz
13h common dinner
14h Opening speech by Wilfried Agricola, President of ARCHA Society

Lectures: Cultural Politics

15h Example: Saxony
Dr. Reiner Zimmermann, Department “rt” @ Ministery for Art & Science of the Freestate of Saxony, Dresden

15.20 East-West: Example: Berlin
Peter Sauerbaum, Head of Cultural Department of Berlin

15.40 Example: Community East: Goerlitz
Ulf Großmann, Head of Cultural Department of the City of Goerlitz

16-17h Discussion

19.30 Charity concert @ Goerlitz City Hall
Introducing words
Herber Reich, Board of Archa Society
Prof.Dr. Nollau – State Secretary Ministery of Culture & Science Dresden
on behalf of the Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf
Matthias Lechner, Mayor of the City of Goelitz
Sabina Moczko, Head of Cultural Department of the City of Halberstadt
Mr. Zimmermann, Head of Cultural Department of the City of Zittau

Ensemble State Opera Dresden
performs songs by Mussorsky, Kurzbach, Schumann, Tchaikowski & Brahms

Performance by
Barbara Heinisch, painting – Chris Parker, dancer – Frank Köllges, drums

4 May 1991

International Contributions

9:00h Stig Danielson, Swedish artist presents his project “Exile” about the Afghan war
9.30h Anu Litvak, Deputy Director of State estonian Art Museum – estonian Avantgarde 1960-1985
10.00 Mari Nommela, director of Tartu Art Museum – Recent Estonian Art since 1985
10.30 Marketta Mäkinnen, Deputy Director Alvar Aalto Museum Jyväskylä – Recent Finnish Art
11.00 Miczislaw Lapanowski, Director of BWA Gallery Zielon Gora – Biennale of Contemporary Polish Art

Lectures on: Art Funding

13.30 Prof Chaper Pult, Zurich – Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia
14.00 Prof. Dr.- Peter Gerlach, Cologne art historian . Private Art Funding
14.30 Walter Smerling, Journalist Bonn – Art & Sponsoring
15.00 Prof. Jörn Merkert, director of Berlinische Galerie Berlin – Public Art Support: Berlin
15.30 Dr.Hartmut Vogel, Ministery of the Interior – Art Funding: Example Fedral State

until 17h – Discussions

17.00 Uwe Gellner, art historian – Development of the Collection of sculpture at Museum of magdeburg
17.30 Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schulze, University of Halle – the Artist: Johannes Wüsten
18.00 Dr. Vogt, directior of Zittau City Art Museum – Max Langer – the poetic painter of Oberlausitz

5 May 1991

10.00 Goelitz City Art Museum – Opening of the exhibition: The divisionsitic Principle by W.O.F. Agricola

12.30 official end of the conference