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The Anthropocene Project

The Anthropocene Project 2024

While Anthropocene (actually only proposed as a new epoch of geologic time, following the Holocene) is an officially not yet definitely defined period of time during which human activities are thought to have had a significant impact on the global environment, regarded as having begun sometime between twelve thousand years ago, with the spread of agriculture, and two hundred years ago, with the advent of industrialization, as a topic of the media art context of The Anthropocene Project, the term is going far beyond marking the contradictory relationship between (the volatile transitory character of) human nature and (sustainable) nature, the significant human impact on ecosystems, including the human-caused climate change, biodiversity loss etc.

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, The New Museum of Networked Art realizing the Anthropocene Project as a new media art context in an exchange between virtual and physical space, physical and virtual exhibitions and screenings, is inviting artists using moving images/digital video as medium of art to submit videos dealing with the (positive and negative) human impact.

more details and entry form

more details and entry form